Sunday, February 5, 2012

LPQ Adventure

Yesterday I joined a road ride with a group from sdbikecommuter planning a 50 mile loop from Hillcrest up to Sorrento Valley and around Miramar base.  A small contingent of us plotted a diversion through the dirt trails of Penasquitos canyon and a pit stop at the Hess nano-brewery.  None of us were riding "proper" mountain so we got some strange looks.  Sigurd told a couple of joggers we were chatting with to bring their bikes next time and they said, "We don't mountain bike."  Sigurd's reply: "Neither do we."  He was riding an 80s Bridgestone with drop bars and 28mm slicks.

Hess Brewery was fantastic.  Five tasters and a Hess pint glass for 10 bucks and to add to the joy a Korean BBQ taco truck showed up to feed us.  Here are the few photos I took out there:

OB bike path on the way up.

Who needs knobbies?

I was reaching for my helmet try to turn down the dork factor.  Fail.

Waterfall in LPQ.

Go to Hess.

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