Monday, January 30, 2012

New blog...Black Canyon Ramble

I was thinking that what the world really needs is one more bike blog.  Once this goes up, I'm pretty sure we'll all be on the fast track to world peace and prosperity.  So you are welcome.  If somehow it doesn't, I'll just use this space to post about fun times on two wheels while we descend into anarchy.

The inspiration for the blog name is from 30 Rock, altered for my purposes.  I have a habit of trying to incorporate my bike into everything.  Growlers are empty?  Bike to the brewery!  Concert in Solana Beach?  Bike to the Belly Up and camp in Cardiff!  We are out of toilet paper?  Bike to 7-11!

Although there is no way I actually sound that enthusiastic in real life.

Well, onto the first bike adventure...

Yesterday Ana and I drove up to Ramona to check out Black Canyon Road.  We started in town near the community park and headed up Magnolia Rd knowing we wouldn't need to make another turn for about 15 miles - that's a nice feeling.  The plan was to ride up to Mesa Grande Road then down to the 79 and back to Ramona via the 78 and Old Julian Highway.  We got a late start and so it didn't quite go like that.  Still, it was one of the best rides I've been on around here.  Very little traffic, beautiful scenery, long climbs and super fun, winding descents.  I'm definitely coming back here with some camping gear and a few friends...on to the photos....

Looking back towards Ramona as we start up the first dirt climb on Black Canyon Road.

It was my first time on this road and we were told that it is in better condition than it has been in years.  You can see a few washboards here and there but pretty smooth.

I noticed a road off in the distance that looks pretty fun.  

The Oompa Loompa Mountain.

My new friend - Specialized Rock Combo, or just Crockett.

 Looking back down towards the Hallyeyaaw Indian Reservation in the oak groves.

Rest stop.

Navigating by the sun and the moon.

Shady spot in the oaks.

Farmland up near Mesa Grande Road.

While sitting at that shuttered general store a couple mountain bikers came along and chatted for a few minutes.  When they found out we were still planning on riding back to Ramona they offered us a lift to avoid riding 78 in the dark, for which I am quite thankful.  From here it was 6 miles pavement rollers and one super fast descent back to 79 where their truck was parked.  I wasn't quick enough with the camera, but I did see a bobcat run across the road right in front of me.  Next time.

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